Programming note: Pennsylvania again

For Week 5, I wanted to go to a game where no one would be distracted by playoff baseball. This ruled out Atlanta-Washington and Cleveland-New York, but thankfully not the game in Pittsburgh between the Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles. No postseason ball in Pennsylvania this year, so off I go to the confluence of the Ohio, the Allegheny and the Monongahela, where on Sunday afternoon the Eagles will try to improve to 4-1 against a 1-2 Pittsburgh team coming off its bye week.

The other two games in the NFC East also are 1 p.m. ET games this week, which means that while I'll be tracking them, I won't be able to watch them as closely as I'll be watching the game I'm actually attending. Perhaps, once I file my Eagles column, I'll have time to watch the replay of one of the other two games before NFL Game Rewind shuts down during the Sunday night game. Regardless, I'll have plenty on all three of the teams that are in action in our division.

But I know you weren't worried about that, and you just like to know where I am whenever possible. So there you go. Maybe I'll see some of you there.