Breakfast links: Giants up, RG3 out

Good morning. It's Overreaction Monday, which means a quick check of the box scores tells us the Giants are going back to the Super Bowl, the Redskins are doomed and the Eagles need to fire all the coaches and bench the quarterback. Hey, there's only 12 weeks left in the season, after all. Why labor over details and perspective? Especially when there are links, sorted according to up-to-the-second division standings.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)

An Eagles defense that tied for the league lead with 50 sacks last year has now played two straight games without recording a single one. Jeff McLane delves into the issue of how the defense couldn't get the stop it needed to get in the fourth quarter Sunday.

Just so you know, if you're in a full-blown panic about the two Michael Vick turnovers from Sunday as symptomatic of a larger problem, Vick and the Eagles are not.

New York Giants (3-2)

The Giants needed to hammer a terrible Cleveland Browns team on Sunday, and after a hiccup at the start they did. Ohm writes that now comes the hard part, as the Giants' schedule doesn't relent until such time as their season ends. You've read it here several times, but each of the Giants' remaining 11 games is against a team that's either in the NFC East or made last year's playoffs. The Giants showed last year they could survive a tough schedule, and I'm sure they're not as worried about it as the fans are. But given their injury situation, it was good for them to win Sunday.

Speaking of injuries, Chris Snee is playing through what sounds like a painful hip injury, and Martellus Bennett hyperextended his knee early in the game, but both guys gutted it out Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys (2-2)

And speaking off schedule gauntlets, Calvin Watkins writes, Tony Romo and the Cowboys face an interesting and in some ways daunting collection of opposing quarterbacks in their next five games. Calvin's point is that Romo needs to be the better quarterback on the field in matchups against people like Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan and Eli Manning, and he was not last week against the Bears and Jay Cutler.

Jerry Jones is not interested in changing the responsibility structure of the Cowboys' coaching staff and relieving Jason Garrett of play-calling duties. Jones (a) doesn't see it as an issue, (b) believes in Garrett and (c) is in a patient frame of mind when it comes to the current Cowboys. I know no one believes me, but he is.

Washington Redskins (2-3)

Robert Griffin III has a concussion, which means his status for next week's game is in doubt and that my Redskins readers are likely going to spend the week in church and not reading the blog. Nevertheless, we will do our best to keep you updated on every scrap of news we get about Griffin's condition.

If you've been watching the Redskins' secondary this year and wondering when Josh Wilson might start to grow frustrated with being, basically, the only one in it playing somewhat consistently well from week to week, your answer came Sunday.