Teammates think RG3 is doing OK

Couple of things. First, I'm not going to write "mild concussion" just because that's the official diagnosis the team provides. Professional sports teams all lie and mislead, all the time, to downplay injuries publicly, and it's not my job to parrot their words back to you without qualification. A concussion is the impact of a collision of the brain with the inside of the skull. I do not consider the possibility that such an event could occur mildly.

Now, to the matter at hand, which is Sunday afternoon's impact of the particular brain of Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III against the inside of his particular skull. Redskins teammates interviewed about the topic Monday said Griffin was in team meetings and seemed to be doing fine. Fellow rookie quarterback Kirk Cousins, who relieved Griffin when the latter was knocked out of Sunday's game in the third quarter, offered his diagnosis via The Washington Post:

"We had our mandatory rookie success program this morning, and Robert was there," Cousins said. "He seemed fine, seemed in good spirits. He appeared to be doing well."

This is one of those times at which it is very important to note that neither Cousins nor any other teammate of Griffin's is, to my knowledge, a doctor. And while it's encouraging that Griffin is doing the things he would normally do on a Monday morning, you should not mistake Cousins' optimism for an indication of whether Griffin might play Sunday against the Vikings. The NFL has a battery of concussion tests Griffin must pass before he's cleared to play, and while he very well could pass them all and suit up Sunday, that cannot be, at this time, known with any certainty. Mike Shanahan will offer his update later today, and the Redskins will know more when they gather for practice Wednesday.

So consider that your update for now, Redskins fans, on the matter of most critical interest for you this week. I promise it will not be the last.