Afternoon Beast Report: Redskins Edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

  • I'm glad the Redskins allowed longtime director of medicine Bubba Tyer to talk about Jason Taylor's gruesome injury. I've been kicked in the shin several times, but have never heard of compartment syndrome. My doctor buddy who reads the blog every day says that Taylor was nuts to ask for a second opinion. He said the condition was serious enough that every minute counted.

"T.O. doesn't get enough credit for his football knowledge," Springs said. "Like last year when I jumped the slant on [Terry] Glenn. T.O. would know I knew it was going to be slant, so he'd take it straight and then try to break it in. People see him as T.O. the arrogant guy, but he's a pretty smart guy. He knows football, and he works really hard."