Breakfast links: Return of Hakeem Nicks?

All-Division Team comes out today. Gotta get to work on that, so no time for idle chit-chat here. Just get to the links.

Philadelphia Eagles

Interesting perspective here from former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook, who thinks part of the problem with the offense is lackluster blocking by the Eagles' wide receivers. Hadn't heard that one yet. Worth keeping an eye on as we move forward here, no?

Sam Donnellon tries to put his finger on what's missing from the Eagles' defense. I'm not seeing this one. They've allowed 33 points the last two weeks and 19.8 points per game so far this season. What's missing from the Eagles is enough points from the Eagles offense.

New York Giants

Ahmad Bradshaw says he thinks, from talking to Hakeem Nicks, that Nicks will be back in the Giants' lineup this Sunday in San Francisco after missing the last three games with foot and knee injuries. That is entirely possible, of course, but it bears mentioning that neither Bradshaw nor Nicks will be the one to actually make that decision. Let's wait and see if Hakeem practices here in the next couple of days, huh?

Along those lines, Chris Canty (who also doesn't get to decide these things, because doctors and coaches do) says he'll be returning to practice next week when he's finally eligible. He's lost a bunch of weight and seems to believe he'll be able to play in Week 7. If he turns out to be correct, that could be a help to the lackluster pass rush.

Dallas Cowboys

Tim MacMahon writes that, while the Cowboys' defense has improved from awful to very good this year, the offense hasn't improved from last year's middle-of-the-pack showing, and that's what's holding the Cowboys back now. It's a solid point.

Sean Lee gets to play on the same field as one of his personal heroes, Ray Lewis, when the Cowboys visit Baltimore on Sunday. Lee is a considerably better player than Lewis at this particular point in NFL history, and is in a position to impress his idol with the way he's playing.

Washington Redskins

If he gets another chance to play because Robert Griffin III can't return in time from his concussion, backup Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins believes he'll be able to fix the problems he had in relief of Griffin on Sunday.

No matter who's behind center, the Redskins have to do a better job of converting third downs -- something at which their otherwise very good offense has been the worst in the league so far in 2012.