Breakfast links: Flacco or Romo?

Philadelphia Eagles

LeSean McCoy would like to be more involved in the passing game, since that was always fun back when he used to be. Of course, I think a lot of people would like to be more involved in the Eagles' passing game right about now. Couple of things, though, on McCoy. First, I think he's being asked to stay in and block a lot more this year, and second, the Eagles aren't running very many screen passes this year. I think this is where the Jason Peters absence really shows up.

Oh, and Michael Vick does have a dog now after all, so you can all stop wondering. Seriously, Vick released a statement saying he knows why this is going to bother some people but that it was important for him and for his kids to have a pet. As you know if you read me on this topic the other day, I think this is a man who's done his time, understands the significance of his crimes and should be allowed to live his life the way he wants to live it. But like Vick, I understand there are people who will never agree no matter what.

New York Giants

Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride says he thinks the 49ers' Justin Smith is a great player who "gets away with murder" by holding offensive linemen and not getting called for it. So, there's something you can now watch for Sunday.

Ahmad Bradshaw and the Giants' running game are confident after Bradshaw ran for 200 yards Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. But Bradshaw knows the sledding is going to be tougher against the 49ers on Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys

They say continuity is the most important thing for an offensive line -- all five players playing together for an extended period of time, getting to know each other's movements and tendencies. Well, the Cowboys' offensive line, which has been horrible all year, is changing centers again. Ryan Cook is injured and Phil Costa is back. Giddyap.

You know the scene in Airplane when the passengers are all lined up to beat up the hysterical passenger? And the camera keeps panning back and there's all kinds of people with various weapons, just waiting to get up there and deliver their own special brand of punishment? Sometimes it seems as though the same thing is happening to Tony Romo. Former Ravens coach Brian Billick is the latest in line, saying Joe Flacco's better than Romo. Hey, at least Tony's got Amani Toomer on his side, right?

Washington Redskins

Your daily Robert Griffin III update says everything looked fine Thursday in practice. You know the drill, though. Griffin has more concussion tests to pass before he's cleared to play again Sunday after getting knocked out of last week's game. We could know something for sure today, and if not, tomorrow.

One interesting sidelight to Sunday's Redskins-Vikings game is the return to FedEx Field of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who tore an ACL in the game there last December but has made a remarkable recovery and is running something very much like his old self as the Vikings have started the season 4-1.