Robert Griffin III to start for Redskins

As Adam Schefter reported on "SportsCenter," Robert Griffin III has passed all of his concussion tests and is expected to start at quarterback for the Washington Redskins this afternoon against the Minnesota Vikings. Griffin left last Sunday's loss to the Falcons with a concussion, but he practiced all week and has apparently been cleared by the league's independent neurologists.

There remains some concern among Redskins fans about the wisdom of starting Griffin a week after he suffered his concussion, but it's not unheard of for players to recover that quickly, and the Redskins' position has been that there's no reason to sit him out if he's symptom-free, cleared by the league and feeling good enough to play.

There remains some concern among Redskins fans that Griffin's ability and desire to make plays with his legs leaves him open to a recurrence of this problem in the future. To that, the Redskins and Griffin would say they're trying to limit his exposure to dangerous hits but that they can't completely eliminate the risk.