How you feeling? Giants-49ers

As the New York Giants prepare to face the 49ers at 4:25 pm ET today in San Francisco, here's one reason for Giants fans to feel good and one reason for concern.

Feeling good: As they do most weeks, the Giants have the edge at quarterback with Eli Manning over Alex Smith, and Manning is one of the main reasons for the Giants' psychological advantage. Having won as tough and physical a game as most of them have ever played in the NFC Championship Game in San Francisco in January, the Giants know they can stand toe-to-toe and slug it out with the Niners. And they know, as they know every week, that Manning gives them a chance if the game is close in the fourth quarter.

Cause for concern: The Niners are mad about that NFC Championship Game. They are healthier than the Giants are. They have destroyed their last two opponents by a combined score of 79-3. They have their regular punt returner available this time. They are an impossible team against which to run the ball. The game sets up very much in the favor of the 49ers, and while the Giants don't often get blown out, this is a rare game in which they might actually find themselves overmatched, at least at this point in the season.