What was Romo thinking on final two throws?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

DENVER -- In the aftermath of the Cowboys' 17-10 loss to the Broncos on Sunday, everyone wanted to know why in the world Tony Romo was throwing to Sam Hurd on the final two plays from the 2-yard line. Hurd was covered by All-Pro cornerback Champ Bailey on both plays.

You can bet that Roy Williams would have been an option on a fade route, but he was on the sideline with bruised ribs. Tight end Jason Witten is Romo's favorite target, but the Cowboys kept him in to block along with running back Tashard Choice.

Romo told a couple of us after the game that he saw Hurd cross Bailey's face and knew that he was open. He's not sure how Bailey deflected the pass without interfering, but Hurd said he didn't think it was interference.

After watching both plays several times, it looks like Miles Austin flashed open in the back of the end zone. Of course, Romo was simply trying to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible.

The play that really hurt was when the clock didn't stop when Romo hit Hurd for a 5-yard pass at the 8-yard line. Hurd was pushed out of bounds, but by NFL rule, the clock kept ticking. The Cowboys were forced to take their final timeout, which took away the threat of a running play.

OK my plane is taking off from Denver. We'll catch up later.