Breakfast links: Giants, Skins gear up

Morning. I've been getting harassed for two days now by Seahawks fans. Of all the things I never thought I'd type, right? What I don't get is, I actually moved their team up three spots in the rankings this week after a one-point home victory over an AFC team. Seemed kind of generous, I thought. Why weren't they on my case last week?

Anyway, I digress. Point is, it's good to be back here with you East Coast crazies. You're my kind of crazies. Links.

New York Giants

As impressive as Sunday's victory in San Francisco was, the division games the Giants play the next two weeks are probably more important to the fate of their 2012 season, says no less an authority than The Notorious Ohm.

Sunday's win gave Tom Coughlin more victories as Giants head coach than Bill Parcells. This leads to the question of whether or not Coughlin has surpassed Parcells as the greatest Giants coach of the modern era.

Philadelphia Eagles

Oy, the Eagles and Andy Reid. Inviting columnists to tee off since 1999. Bob Ford writes that Andy Reid's handling of the Juan Castillo situation, from January of 2011 right up through Tuesday, was the kind of stuff that gets coaches fired. And Rich Hofmann calls it a stunning move of desperation.

And here's a video interview Castillo did with CSNPhilly.com after the firing was announced, in which he still claims, rather emotionally, that he would "take a bullet" for Reid and tells the fans he's sorry he didn't do better.

Washington Redskins

I assuming everyone who saw Robert Griffin III's 76-yard touchdown run has been thinking about it all week, so here's an oral history of the play through the words of many of those involved and courtesy of The Washington Times.

The Redskins' schedule is backloaded with divisional games, and this upcoming one in Week 7 against the Giants is their first of the year. Mike Shanahan thinks waiting so long to get into the head-to-head NFC East fray could have its benefits.

Dallas Cowboys

DeMarco Murray's injury offers Felix Jones one more chance to prove he's a good NFL player. Read Calvin Watkins on this before you check to see if you were able to add Felix on waivers in your fantasy league overnight.

Todd Archer takes a look at what's begun to go wrong in recent weeks with the Cowboys' coverage after such a promising start to the season.