Cowboys will be feeling blue Sunday

Ha! Made you look! No, this is not a prediction. Predictions come out on Fridays. This is a post about clothes.

On Sunday in Carolina, the Dallas Cowboys will be wearing their blue uniform jerseys. While not enough to make me change my plans and go to Charlotte instead of to the Redskins-Giants game that's being played 20 minutes from my house, this is an unusual occurrence and apparently worthy of note. It is the only time this year the Cowboys will wear the blue jerseys and only the second time in the past three seasons. They lost to the Patriots last year in New England in the blues. Todd Archer explains why this is so rare:

At home, the Cowboys wear white as a nod to their tradition set forth by Tom Landry. Jerry Jones does not want to change that, nor should he.

On the road, the Cowboys are at the whim of the opponents. Since most teams wear their dark jerseys at home, the Cowboys wear their white jerseys.

The jersey selections have to be set by July so the equipment teams know the particulars well in advance.

So apparently the Cowboys will wear blue because the Panthers decided to wear white. Enjoy.