Breakfast links: Redskins scoring on defense

New York Giants

Back in training camp, Osi Umenyiora said he'd refer to Robert Griffin III as "Bob" until he earned better. Well, it apparently took only six games for Griffin to do that. Umenyiora said Thursday he will now refer to the Redskins' rookie quarterback as "Sir Robert Griffin." Osi is impressed.

The Giants say they're trying to work David Diehl back into the starting lineup, but the way the line is playing, there's no real rush on that, and they have something for him to do in the meantime.

Philadelphia Eagles

Case you missed it last night, here's Jeff McLane's fleshed-out report about the Eagles' decision to keep Michael Vick and Marty Mornhinweg in their current roles coming out of the bye.

The autopsy report on Andy Reid's son Garrett revealed that he died of a heroin overdose. Andy Reid, in a prepared statement, said that the findings sadly confirmed what he thought, and we were reminded for a day that Reid is coaching this year with a lot on his heart and mind.

Washington Redskins

Amid all of the RG3 hype, the Redskins have scored four touchdowns this year on defense. Yeah, the defense is undermanned and has struggled for much of the year. But it's covering well enough these days, and every now and then chips in with some points.

Sav Rocca is hurt, and the current All-NFC East team punter may not be able to go Sunday, so the Redskins are working on a backup plan, which is apparently former Eagles punter Chas Henry. The Redskins like former Eagles punters, apparently.

Dallas Cowboys

Offensive line coach Bill Callahan, who also as a formality that likely was a condition of his contract is also nominally the team's offensive coordinator, says he's fine with head coach Jason Garrett calling plays. This is a wise thing for Callahan to say, since Garrett is his boss. Would they be better off with Callahan calling plays? There's evidence to support the idea that Garrett could stand to have it taken off his plate, yes. But it's like complaining about Jerry Jones acting as his own general manager. It's not going to change, no matter what you or I think.

Oh, and on a related note, tight end Jason Witten says he's got no problem with Jones saying the Cowboys should have Super Bowl expectations for this year. Which is a wise thing for Witten to say, since Jones is his boss and since obviously the players on every team should feel the same way or else what are they doing killing themselves out there every week?