Weekend plans: Cheesesteaks again

Yes, it's that time again, to get the weekend started. But before we break, I wanted to let you guys know I will be covering the Philadelphia Eagles' home game Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

Many of you have asked why, since there are two division teams in it, I am not instead going to the Giants-Cowboys game in Dallas. The answer has to do with resource allocation. We have two local sites -- ESPNDallas.com and ESPNNewYork.com -- that cover the Cowboys and Giants regularly and will have multiple reporters/columnists/etc. at that game. That game is in good hands. So as ESPN.com tries to cover as many games as possible as thoroughly as possible, it makes more sense for me to be in Philadelphia. And it's not as if there's no story there, as the Eagles try to keep their season afloat by becoming the first team this year to beat the Falcons.

I will of course be tracking the Redskins-Steelers game, as well as the Giants-Cowboys game, and posting my thoughts on both. But the Eagles are the NFC East team I'll see live and in person this week. So if you see me walking through the parking lot Sunday morning, feel free to say hi. If it's raining, I might not stop, but it's nice to be noticed.

If you're into keeping track, after this week I'll have been to four Eagles games, three Redskins games, three Giants games and two Cowboys games. We try to keep it fair and even as possible.