Wrap Up: Steelers 27, Redskins 12

A few thoughts on the Washington Redskins' 27-12 loss to the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon.

What it means: The Redskins have shown a lot of fun, encouraging things in Robert Griffin III's rookie year as their quarterback, but they are not at a point in their franchise's history at which they can go into a place like Pittsburgh and expect to win unless they're absolutely perfect. Obviously, they were far from perfect Sunday, dropping passes like crazy and failing to keep their composure at the end. It was a discouraging game all around for fans who have been hoping this Redskins team could overcome its defensive weaknesses and contend for this year's playoffs. Not that they can't, mind you, but this was not a game that filled you with hope that they could.

D-Hall loses it: Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall was ejected after losing his mind and getting in the face of an official with a little less than four minutes left in the game. Hall indicated to reporters after the game that he believed he had a case to press with the league, and so this is a story to follow in the coming days if you don't lose access to power and the Internet. Could be more details come to light, but it wasn't a great moment for a player who made news last week when he said Giants quarterback Eli Manning didn't have to be a rocket scientist to take advantage of the Redskins' poor coverage in last week's game.

Griffin watch: Griffin was 16-for-34 for 177 yards and a touchdown, and he only rushed for 10 yards. Obviously, not his best game so far as a pro, though his receivers did him no favors with all of the drops. The Redskins tried a lot to get Griffin going, even lining him up as a wide receiver on one play, but that didn't work. Chalk it up to a tough day, which he was obviously bound to have sooner or later.

Streak ends: Washington ran for just 86 yards in the game, breaking a streak of 13 straight games in which they rushed for at least 100. That streak was the longest in the NFL by 11 games coming into this week. Alfred Morris had just 59 yards on 13 carries.

What's next: The Redskins have a 1 p.m. ET home game next Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, who have lost five games in a row and are one of the worst teams in the NFL at 1-6 for the season.