Will Terry Glenn be on that flight?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Never before has so much been written about a man who did so very little the previous season. If the Cowboys truly needed wide receiver Terry Glenn, they would've reached an agreement months ago.
The one reason owner Jerry Jones hasn't released him is the nightmare scenario of Terrell Owens getting injured and having to go with Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin as the starters. He's been attempting to find recourse for that scenario all summer, but things haven't worked out.

I just spoke with a member of the organization who is doing some last-minute packing before catching a noon charter. His thought is that the two sides will eventually reach an agreement.

I think Glenn will sign a contract that will pay him $750,000 if he re-injures the same knee. If he doesn't injure the same knee, he'll make the $1.7 million he's scheduled to make.

See how easy that was? But at this point, you have a team of doctors, lawyers and executives trying to come up with the right language in the contract. It's a combustible situation, but I still think Glenn will be in a Cowboys uniform when the dust settles.

I'm about to check in with Ed Werder to compare notes, so I'll get back to you later.