Skins really will wear gold pants Sunday

The Washington Redskins will wear what they're calling "modernized" versions of their 1937 uniforms for Sunday's home game against Carolina. Unlike the horrifying giant-bumblebee costumes the Pittsburgh Steelers wore this past Sunday against the Redskins, these uniforms aren't awful. You can take a look here in this post from Mike Jones.

What I find interesting is that the pants are gold. The uniform pants on the Redskins' normal 2012 uniforms are yellow, though they've somehow convinced an entire fan base to shout down anyone who dares to state such an obvious fact. These uniforms they're wearing Sunday have gold pants and gold numbers, and if somebody wants to hold up the normal uniform next to this one and continue to insist the normal uniform pants are "gold" just because the team says its colors are burgundy and gold, well then there's not much I can do for people like that.

But if these really is the color scheme they employed in 1937, then it turns out the Redskins' uniforms once were, actually, burgundy and gold. And now I get where it came from. Doesn't change the fact that they're not anymore.