Breakfast links: Hall fined, not suspended

New York Giants

With Kenny Phillips back from injury and Stevie Brown having played so well in his absence, it looks as though the Giants just can't quit those three-safety looks they liked so much in recent seasons.

Kevin Gilbride believes the Giants can perform better in the run game. The Giants have been trying to do that since the beginning of 2011 and have shown flashes this year that it's possible with the offensive line now playing better.

Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid said he was never considering benching Michael Vick, which again begs the question of why he felt the need to put out a news release Wednesday morning saying he wasn't going to bench Michael Vick. Just another episode of "As the Eagles Turn."

Vick says he plans to start playing like his old self, which means ... I don't know. I think it just kind of means Vick likes to say things that sound good, that he's actually playing better this year than a lot of people seem to think he is and that it doesn't much matter what he says as long as things turn around on the field for the Eagles. Vick also called a players-only meeting.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys' running game works OK when DeMarco Murray is healthy. When he's not, it struggles. When he's not and Felix Jones is not ... well, the Cowboys' offense has an issue.

Dallas won't be letting Dez Bryant return punts anymore, likely because it's been absolutely terrifying to watch him return punts this season. I think keeping things as simple as possible for ol' Dez is the right call.

Washington Redskins

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall will be fined, not suspended, for his conduct toward an official in Sunday's loss to the Steelers. I'm a little surprised, because he was only ejected for the final couple of minutes and therefore the argument that he's already missed a game is not in play. My hunch is that the lack of suspension indicates that Hall's point about the official's conduct had some merit to it.

The Redskins are looking for answers in a lot of places, including at wide receiver after they dropped so many passes Sunday. Mike Shanahan said Aldrick Robinson's route-running has improved enough to merit another chance.