Fantasy Fix: Eagles to break out?

Because we all spend too much time each week working on our fantasy football teams anyway, here at the NFC East blog we like to take one post per week and devote it exclusively to fantasy. Here's a look at where our division's players fell in this week's rankings by our fantasy football experts. Click on the name of the position to see the full rankings by position.


T3. Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins vs. Panthers

T7. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans (Monday)

10. Eli Manning, New York Giants vs. Steelers

13. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta

Before the season started, I doubt you thought you'd be starting Griffin in this game ahead of Cam Newton (No. 9), but there it is. You also probably didn't think Romo would rank behind Andrew Luck and Josh Freeman in a given week. I kind of think Manning and Romo are too low. Not sure I buy the Steelers as a too-tough-for-Eli defense away from home.


3. LeSean McCoy, Eagles at New Orleans (Monday)

5. Alfred Morris, Redskins vs. Panthers

15. Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants vs. Steelers

28. Felix Jones, Cowboys at Atlanta

34. Andre Brown, Giants vs. Steelers

43. Phillip Tanner, Cowboys at Atlanta

44. DeMarco Murray, Cowboys at Atlanta

As these rankings indicate, I'd just stay away from Cowboys running backs this week, which is a shame, since Atlanta can be run on. But it doesn't look as though Murray will play, Jones is hurt too and the whole run game doesn't seem to function as well with the backups in there anyway. Another reason I'd have rated Romo higher.


5. Victor Cruz, Giants vs. Steelers

19. Jeremy Maclin, Eagles at New Orleans (Monday)

20. Dez Bryant, Cowboys at Atlanta

21. Miles Austin, Cowboys at Atlanta

24. DeSean Jackson, Eagles at New Orleans (Monday)

26. Hakeem Nicks, Giants vs. Steelers

41. Santana Moss, Redskins vs. Panthers

50. Domenik Hixon, Giants vs. Steelers

Folks are expecting big things for the Eagles' passing game against the Saints, but the way that passing game has looked this year limits Maclin and Jackson's rankings. And man, if Nicks is really ranked here -- as a high WR3 in 12-team leagues -- then all I can think about him as a fantasy player is "BUY LOW!"


2. Jason Witten, Cowboys at Atlanta

7. Martellus Bennett, Giants vs. Steelers

8. Brent Celek, Eagles at New Orleans (Monday)

20. Logan Paulsen, Redskins vs. Panthers

Witten is back! All it takes is an 18-catch, 163-yard game to remind everyone what a weapon his can be, both in fantasy and reality. And there's Celek in the top 10. You getting the picture yet about what the Eagles' passing game is supposed to do in New Orleans?


1. Lawrence Tynes, Giants vs. Steelers

T13. Kai Forbath, Redskins vs. Panthers

15. Dan Bailey, Cowboys at Atlanta

17. Alex Henery, Eagles at New Orleans (Monday)

The relative rankings of Tynes and Bailey tell you all you need to know about the current states of the Giants' and Cowboys' offenses. One is giving its kicker all kinds of chances. The other is not.


11. Giants vs. Steelers

16. Redskins vs. Panthers

17. Cowboys at Atlanta

22. Eagles at New Orleans (Monday)

Yeah, we're kind of all about offense these days in the NFC East, aren't we?