Total QBR report: Eli slumping

We haven't checked in on Total QBR in a while, and that's my fault. I think it's a useful stat, and the folks at ESPN Stats & Information work very hard at it. It ranks quarterbacks on a 0-100 scale by measuring how much they contribute to their teams' actually winning games. That's a pretty important thing. So let's look at where our division's quarterbacks ranked Sunday, and where they rank for the season, in Total QBR.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is in a slump. His 14.2 Total QBR in Sunday's loss to the Steelers was his lowest of the season, the second-lowest of the week in the league so far and his second consecutive game under 50.0 after he'd exceeded 50.0 in eight straight games. For the season, he's at 69.6, which ranks ninth in the league and first in the NFC East.

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is also cooling off a bit after a hot start. Bottled up by the Carolina Panthers in Sunday's loss, Griffin posted a Total QBR of 53.3. His rating for the season is 68.7, 10th in the league and right behind Manning.

Total QBR calls the Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo a top-10 quarterback in the league for this week so far. His 79.6 is 10th-best in the league this week in spite of Dallas' loss Sunday night in Atlanta, and his 59.4 for the season ranks him 14th in the league.

The Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick plays the Saints and their pitiful pass defense tonight on "Monday Night Football." So far this year, his Total QBR is 53.3, good for 17th in the NFL.