Breakfast links: Should Cowboys hurry up?

Methinks, methinks you'd like some links.

New York Giants

Mike Garafolo looks at what's wrong with the Giants' passing game right now, and lays a pretty fair share of the blame at the feet of two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning.

The Giants are taking their role in this area's recovery from Hurricane Sandy quite seriously. The team is donating $500,000 to relief efforts, and players are out in the community doing hands-on work to help out those who need it. Good to see.

Philadelphia Eagles

The news doesn't sound good on the injured ankle of right tackle Todd Herremans, and Andy Reid didn't say anything in his Tuesday news conference to indicate that he has any answers for what's wrong with the Eagles.

Sheil Kapadia does his offensive line breakdown from Monday Night, and while the whole thing was obviously a mess, Sheil has come to the conclusion that the Demetress Bell signing in particular has turned out to be completely irredeemable.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are hoping the interior of their offensive line could get a boost from the activation of guard/center Kevin Kowalski, for whom they had high hopes this season.

Todd Archer takes up the question of whether the Cowboys should use the hurry-up offense more, since it seems to work so much better when they do. Some have asked me why they don't just do it all game, and my basic answer is that you can't use the hurry-up all game if you're not deep at wide receiver and running back and if your offensive line is prone to false starts as it already is. But that's not to say they can't or shouldn't work to incorporate it more into upcoming games.

Washington Redskins

It sounds as though Mike Shanahan explained his Sunday comments about it being time to evaluate what he has on the roster for years to come to his players, and that his players are satisfied with his explanation.

Jason Reid writes that Shanahan should be given more time to make things work in Washington, and his main reason for that is that Robert Griffin III just got there. This makes sense. My regular answer to those who ask whether Shanahan is safe is that they're not going to change Griffin's coach after Griffin's first year.