Breakfast links: Eagles, Cowboys regroup

It's Thursday, Nov. 8, and there's far too much snow on the ground. I'm having links.

New York Giants

Tom Coughlin sat down with Eli Manning and asked his struggling quarterback if there was anything he could do to help him out of his slump. Manning suggested some changes to the practice routine, and Coughlin obliged, putting back in a favorite passing drill of Manning's. Pretty nifty grown-up relationship those two have.

The Giants get a little deeper at safety as Will Hill returns to practice this week following his four-game drug suspension. With Kenny Phillips out through the Week 11 bye, that could help.

Philadelphia Eagles

The disappointing defensive ends are getting the attention, but a look at the defensive-line play in Monday night's loss shows that the Eagles aren't getting much interior pass rush, either. Rookie Fletcher Cox was drafted in part because the Eagles thought he'd be an immediate asset in the pass rush. But like the rest of the Eagles' defensive line, he's been held in check lately.

Marcus Hayes disputes the notion that the Eagles don't care or have quit on coach Andy Reid, and I agree with him. I didn't see evidence Monday night of a team that wasn't trying or didn't care. I just think the Eagles are a team that's not very good.

Dallas Cowboys

Even though they're the visiting team Sunday in Philadelphia in a game between two 3-5 teams whose seasons appear to be slipping away, the Cowboys insist they will continue fighting.

Remember back in the offseason, when Jason Hatcher said that thing about not knowing who the leaders were in the Cowboys locker room and I wrote that the best thing for him to do if he was looking for leaders was to step up and be one? Hatcher has absolutely done just that this year. He's having a fantastic season on the field and has emerged as a strong voice in the locker room during a difficult time.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins are off this week, and they're holding out faint hope that they might get wide receiver Pierre Garcon back from his foot injury after the bye. They'll also be keeping an eye on Santana Moss, who suffered a concussion Sunday and will have to be cleared by the league if he's to return in Week 11.

We didn't expect Chris Cooley to mind if he returned to a smaller role than he used to play in the Redskins' offense. He has, and as expected, he doesn't mind.