Vick assumes more responsibility

Last year, the Philadelphia Eagles gave quarterback Michael Vick the responsibility for calling the protections at the line of scrimmage. This year, that responsibility has been shared by Vick and his center, first Jason Kelce and then Dallas Reynolds. But as Tim McManus reports, Vick recently went to the Eagles coaches and asked that things be switched back to the way it was last year. The coaches obliged. But before you get too excited about the idea that something might change as a result of this, you should know the change went into effect prior to Monday night's offensive line meltdown in New Orleans:

Kelce’s ability to diagnose defenses was a critical element to the plan heading into the season. He would identify the MIKE and adjust protections as necessary, and Vick would override him where he saw fit. Reynolds is just not as far along, and has plenty on his plate to begin with.

Of course, the offensive line did not exactly have a banner night with Vick at the controls Monday. It was their worst performance of the year, in fact, as Vick was sacked seven times and endured 12 QB hits. According to Kelce, the breakdowns do not fall on the quarterback.

“There have been games where the hits have been on Mike, and there have been games where the hits have been on everybody else. This past Monday, that was the offensive line,” said Kelce. “The offensive line really didn’t do a very good job. Mike has had games where he could identify better, but I don’t think that game in particular was one of those. I think the offensive line just did a poor job of blocking, even just regular four-man rushes at times.”

Something to monitor going forward. If you're looking for an optimistic take on this, it's more evidence that Vick is desperately trying to make something of the season and not giving up. The pessimist's take is... well, you don't need me for that, do you?