Fixing what ails the Giants' offense

After humming along through the first month and a half of the season, the New York Giants' offense has looked much more sluggish in recent weeks. It bottomed out in Sunday's loss to the Steelers, in which the Giants blew a 10-point lead in a fourth quarter in which they were unable to pick up a first down.

Gary Horton of Scouts Inc. looks at the issues the Giants are having on offense in this Insider piece and concludes that the issues -- new wrinkles by opposing defenses, slumps by Eli Manning and his wide receivers and those pesky old running-game problems again -- are correctable:

When I watch them on film, I see creative formations designed to get good matchups. These coaches are really good at self-scouting, and they seem to have an excellent feel for the strengths and weaknesses of this offense. Plus, they have a cerebral quarterback who can handle anything they give him.

It won't be easy to fix the run game, but this coaching staff will get the passing game back on track. By the time we get closer to the playoffs, these Giants will be ready to make another deep Super Bowl run.

In short, Gary believes Giants fans should trust their smart, experienced, championship-tested coaching staff to adjust to the adjustments other teams are making against them and get back ahead of the curve. I have no issues with Gary's logic, and when you factor in the 2.5-game lead the Giants currently hold in the division race, there are plenty of reasons to believe the Giants will be in fine shape before it's all said and done.