How you feeling? Cowboys-Eagles

PHILADELPHIA -- As the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to host the Dallas Cowboys at 4:25 p.m. ET at Lincoln Financial Field, here's one reason for Cowboys fans to be feeling good and one reason for Eagles fans to be doing the same.

Cowboys feeling good: The Eagles have struggled against the deep pass in the past couple of weeks against the Falcons and the Saints. Now, we're not saying that the Cowboys have the same kind of deep-passing offense those two teams have, but they have the weapons to have success down the field if Tony Romo can get time to find Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. If the Cowboys were playing the team we all thought the Eagles would be in the preseason -- a relentless defensive line piling up sacks and a couple of shutdown cornerbacks in man coverage -- then things might look a little bit more imposing. But the reality of the way the Eagles' defense has played over the past month-plus leaves a lot more room for hope for the Dallas offense.

Eagles feeling good: Scheme-wise, if Dallas does decide it wants to pass today, it could play into the Eagles' hands as long as they can figure out how to defend it better than they did against the Falcons and Saints. The Cowboys aren't much of a threat to run the ball with DeMarco Murray hurt, and Philadelphia should be able to devote extra coverage to those two star wide receivers and tight end Jason Witten without much fear of being hurt up the middle at the point of attack. And on offense, while Michael Vick and the Eagles turn the ball over way too much (tied with Dallas for second-most giveaways in the league), the Cowboys might be a good matchup for them since Dallas' defense doesn't force many turnovers. Only the Colts (6) have forced fewer turnovers this year than have the Cowboys (8).