Breakfast links: Bradshaw still banged up

It is Tuesday, the day of chats, knee-jerks and Power Rankings. (Hints: There's a new No. 1 this week, and our division's teams aren't doing very well.) We will take another day to dwell on Sunday's results before turning our attention to a Week 11 in which everyone in the NFC East plays but its leader -- and in which, therefore, everyone has a chance to gain ground. Before we do any of this, however, we must have our links.

New York Giants

The Giants are concealing something about the health of running back Ahmad Bradshaw, saying he's going to have a whole bunch of medical tests but not saying on which part of his body. Whatever's wrong with Bradshaw, it's keeping him from a full practice schedule and limiting his effectiveness in games. Andre Brown was a bigger part of the game plan Sunday, and nobody would be surprised at this point if that continued after the bye. Shame for Bradshaw, who really wanted to be the No. 1 back for the Giants and thought he was ready to do it this year. Guy just can't keep himself healthy.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said he saw signs of improvement from quarterback Eli Manning amid the wreckage of Sunday's loss in Cincinnati.

Dallas Cowboys

Defensive end Kenyon Coleman's season is apparently over, thanks to a torn triceps muscle. This leaves the Cowboys thin on the defensive line, which is not the strength of their defense in the first place, and makes it more important that Sean Lissemore can return this week from the ankle injury that has plagued him for the past month.

The Cowboys handed the Eagles six first downs Sunday with defensive penalties, and the way those are piling up is of great concern to defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Dallas' defense is playing well overall, but the ill-timed penalties on third down are the kind of thing that eats away at that.

Philadelphia Eagles

As Reuben Frank details here, the Eagles have made life very easy for opposing quarterbacks Matt Ryan, Drew Brees and Tony Romo the past three weeks. It's apparently as bad a three-game defensive stretch as the team has ever had, and statistically among the worst in league history at limiting quarterbacks' completion percentage.

Sheil Kapadia breaks down Nick Foles' debut, in light of the likelihood that Foles will start Sunday's game in Washington. It seems clear the Eagles didn't ask overly much of Foles in his relief stint Sunday, but it remains to be seen how much more they'll put in for him with a full week to prepare.

Washington Redskins

Pierre Garcon was back at practice Monday, but it doesn't sound as though it's time for Redskins fans to get their hopes up about him playing Sunday. It sounds like he's still in pain pretty much all the time, and that the only reason he hasn't had surgery yet on his injured foot is that he's philosophically opposed to the idea of having surgery at all.

Now, safety Brandon Meriweather sounds like a guy who might actually play Sunday -- assuming he doesn't get hurt in pregame warmups this time. It would be a Redskins debut for Meriweather and a boost for a struggling secondary.