Breakfast links: Dez Bryant coming around

Good Wednesday morning to you. We have an update coming this morning to the All-Division Team, and a bunch of other goodies throughout the day. Hopefully it warms up a bit. Links.

New York Giants

As they spend their bye week assessing what's wrong with Eli Manning and the passing game, the Giants have a lot to ponder. Paul Schwartz writes that there are no easy fixes, and that it's on the coaching staff to devise new schemes and plans to replace the ones that appear to have stopped working.

It certainly appears as though the offensive line was playing better with Sean Locklear at right tackle than it has the last two games with David Diehl there. But the Giants seem determined to stick with Diehl and with the belief that he will play better.

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo says Dez Bryant is "close to being a guy where it's 100 percent" in terms of his understanding of the key things he needs to do to succeed as a wide receiver. Romo has been all-in on Bryant for some time now -- consistently saying the right things to build him up and assist him, publicly and privately, and he seems to think it's paying off.

DeMarcus Ware thinks he had half a sack in Philadelphia on Sunday, and he wants his credit. To this point, the league statisticians have not given it, but the Cowboys have asked them to reconsider. Ware has a streak going, you see.

Philadelphia Eagles

As Nick Foles prepares to make his first career NFL start Sunday against the Washington Redskins, Bob Grotz takes a look at what exactly Andy Reid saw that convinced him to take Foles in the third round of this year's draft and make him Michael Vick's backup.

Want to know which Eagles are likely to be gone next year and who has a chance to be back? Paul Domowitch breaks it down, and there are quite a few names on the first list.

Washington Redskins

Jammal Brown is back at practice this week, and the erstwhile Redskins right tackle hopes his troublesome hip may yet allow him to return to game action before the end of this season. The Redskins have a couple of weeks to make that decision on Brown.

It should be noted, however, that working in conjunction with its running quarterback, the Redskins' offensive line has done a fine job this season even without Brown at right tackle.