Breakfast links: RG3 and the Eagles

You know what dawned on me last night? With the Giants on bye, not one of the NFC East teams that's playing this weekend (a) has a winning record or (b) can possibly have one by this time next week either. Sheesh. Tough times. Links.

New York Giants

I am speaking 100 percent honestly when I say I couldn't care less about this whole "Is Eli Manning elite?" discussion anymore. Seriously. I'm as tired of it as I am of my mortgage. Makes my eyelashes hurt. Whether Phil Simms (who said a few months ago that Manning would go to the Hall of Fame) considers Manning "elite" or not by whatever definition he or anyone else chooses to apply this week is about as relevant as a Jets player telling a reporter Tim Tebow is "terrible" without putting his name to it. It's non-news, and it passes for news these days in the guise of "the discussion" when in fact it's fabricated garbage. But the Giants are off this week, and when the Giants are off there are never any Giants stories to link to, so here's what I have for you. Simms talking in circles yesterday about the non-thing he said the day before. Enjoy.

Big Blue View looks at the question of whether David Diehl or Sean Locklear should be starting at right tackle for the Giants. In all honesty, it's not as though they benched Jonathan Ogden when Diehl came back, right? However he's played the past two weeks, if Diehl is the guy the Giants' coaches think gives them the best chance, is it really worth arguing Locklear's case?

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant got a "conditional dismissal" of his offseason domestic violence charge, which means he's in the clear if he can go to regular counseling and stay out of further trouble for one year. This does not sound like a significant challenge, but you know. We'll find out. In answer to your likely first question, no, I don't think the NFL will suspend Bryant over this, though they haven't said for certain.

Oh, and DeMarcus Ware got that half-sack he wanted from Sunday's game, so his streak is still intact. Good for him. This could make the difference come Hall of Fame voting time, right?

Philadelphia Eagles

The key for Nick Foles as he approaches his first NFL start is to try as hard as he can to treat it the way he's treated every other game he's played in this life. This may or may not be easy, but it's his goal, and whether or not he succeeds at it may go a long way toward determining how he does in the game.

The Eagles were not in a position to draft Robert Griffin III, whom they'll face for the first time Sunday. But Andy Reid did meet with Griffin before the draft, and he made a definite impression.

Washington Redskins

Stephen Whyno writes that Michael Vick's concussions and other various injuries he's suffered in his career stand as a warning to Griffin that he needs to make sure not to be a reckless runner if he wants to succeed and last as a quarterback.

And one more on Griffin and then we're done for this morning at least: His teammates have elected him one of their captains in this, his rookie season. Mike Shanahan says he can't recall that happening before.