Expect McNabb to have a big day

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb will be wearing a protective jacket Sunday to protect his injured ribs, but I don't think coach Andy Reid will be calling plays with McNabb's safety in mind. On Wednesday, McNabb announced to reporters that he would indeed be back in the starting lineup in a home game against the Bucs.

He returned to practice Monday, so it's not like this was surprising news. McNabb admits that he still feels discomfort from his cracked rib, but he thinks he'll be able to play through the pain.

"I don't think I'll be going through this deal for weeks," he said. "In due time, it will heal up and get back to 100 percent. As far as right now, it's something you battle with and continue to grind, but it's nothing that will restrict me in any way."

McNabb's struggled against Tampa Bay in the past, but I expect for him to come back with a strong performance Sunday. This is a Bucs defense that allowed the Cowboys' wide receivers to run wild in Week 1. And I think we'd all agree that the Eagles have more talent at wide receiver than Dallas.

So what about Michael Vick and the Wildcat formation? You'll recall that McNabb complained about the Wildcat interrupting the rhythm of the offense during the preseason.

"The fun thing about it is we haven't even touched the surface of what we will do with it," McNabb said of the Wildcat formation. "It's something that's going to benefit us and put pressure on defenses."

The Beast is headed to Philly this weekend to get a first-hand look at McNabb's return.