Breakfast links: Giants look at RBs

New York Giants

The Giants' assistant coaches all talk to the media during the bye week, so you get to hear perspectives you don't hear throughout the season. For instance, defensive line coach Robert Nunn has a theory that the best way to help the Giants' pass rush is by stopping the run better on early downs, thereby creating longer second-down and third-down situations that enable pass-rushers to pin their ears back, as they say.

The Giants worked out Joseph Addai, Ryan Torain and a bunch of other running backs this week. And while they work guys out all the time and don't sign them, the fact that so many established running backs have been through there this week makes one wonder whether they're concerned about the health of Ahmad Bradshaw. If Bradshaw were hurt, Andre Brown would take over as a featured back, but they'd need to add depth at the position. I'd stay tuned on this, but I wouldn't panic.

Dallas Cowboys

Jean-Jacques Taylor thinks it's a sign of Jason Garrett's progress as a head coach that there's an improved sense of accountability around the Cowboys. Jacques thinks Garrett needs to keep demanding more of it.

Fullback Lawrence Vickers says "it's personal" with regard to the Browns. That's something you don't often hear with regard to the Browns, but I think Vickers is just making a point about what it's like to play your former team. Doesn't appear as though anything went badly for him there, and he says he holds no ill will.

Philadelphia Eagles

The stats seem to say it all. When LeSean McCoy gets 20 or more carries, the Eagles are 3-0. When he does not get 20 carries, they are 0-6. The question then becomes: Why doesn't McCoy get at least 20 carries in every single game. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg doesn't see a problem with the number of times the Eagles use McCoy in games. So there's that.

If Nick Foles is the Eagles' new starting quarterback while Michael Vick recovers from his concussion, then Trent Edwards is the new backup. And while Edwards hasn't played in two years, he says he's ready if they need him.

Washington Redskins

There's still a possibility that wide receiver Pierre Garcon, who's missed six of the Redskins' nine games this year with a foot injury, could play Sunday. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan says Garcon will be a valuable asset even if he's not 100 percent healthy.

Got to say, if I'd just been fined $30,000, I'd be cranky at anybody who walked up and tried to talk to me about it too. The normally loquacious DeAngelo Hall offered an unsmiling "Back up off me, bro," to reporters who approached him Thursday. Imagine he'll talk about it eventually, but maybe give him a day is all.