The death of the mailbag

Some of you are finding fault with the NFC East blog this week, so without further ado we address your concerns ...

Javier from Miami writes, "Dan, I read your posts every week on the NFC East and I believe that you just might be a Giant fan. Every week it's always someting negative about the cowboys no matter if they win or lose. and I rarely see anything negative about the Giants, so I have concluded that you are to my knowlege 100% a New York Giant fan! GO COWBOYS! p.s AND ITS NOT BASED ON ME BEING A COWBOY FAN. Thank You. Your every week reader JAVIER."

Dan Graziano: Javier, I appreciate your loyalty, but I'm thinking you must not have been an "every week reader" last year, when all I heard was how anti-Giants I was.

Nate from Minneapolis offers a different viewpoint: "I've been a life long Cowboys fan and think that what you have written about the team over the past year and a half has been the most honest and unbiased analysis I've come across. They same applies to the rest of the division. Thank you and keep up the good work. Nate."

DG: You're welcome, Nate, whose syntax and punctuation didn't require any editing at all! And thanks for taking the time to write such a nice note. I found it very funny that Javier's note and Nate's arrived in the mailbag about two hours apart on Tuesday. So I went back and checked the Cowboys-related activity on the blog from that morning. Nate's note came in five minutes before I posted a story on the Giants' philosophy on first-round picks and developing talented players. Javier's came in right after that day's Power Rankings post. So I'm not sure anything specific prompted either. Just a couple of guys felt like saying what was on their mind. All good, but nothing I can really work into a weekend Q&A post.

Patrick from Baltimore checks in from the AFC North blog: "Just wanted to express my disgust at how you have no faith in the Ravens to the point where you even rank a team with two more losses ahead of them in your power rankings. The Giants just got beat good by a team the Ravens stomped earlier this year and that had just lost four in a row previously. I think your rankings discredit you as a reporter and as an employee of ESPN."

DG: Why stop there? Why doesn't my opinion about a football team also discredit me as a husband, father and human being? I mean, as long as we're firing away. Anyway, I guess I must have attended the Ravens' two worst games of the year -- a loss to the Eagles and a near-loss at home to the Cowboys. I wasn't impressed.

And on that note, Chris from Philadelphia, you're up: "Why do we always get an Eagles hater in this (bleep) blog spot? Can you just go away for good?"

DG: I'm not going anywhere, Chris, but the mailbag is. This is the week that killed it. You all can keep writing in with the insults. They don't bother me. But the complete absence of worthwhile questions to answer makes this a fruitless exercise. We'll have to find something else to put here on Saturday mornings.