Experts like Redskins, Cowboys this week

Our ESPN experts have weighed in with this week's picks, which you can view here, and they have the Dallas Cowboys as unanimous favorites over the Cleveland Browns in Sunday's game. The Washington Redskins are near-unanimous favorites over the Philadelphia Eagles, as Eric Allen is the only one among our 12 analysts, plus Accuscore and the fan vote, to pick the Eagles to win that game.

In my picks Friday, I also went with the Cowboys and the Redskins, though I didn't feel very strongly about either. The Browns are playing teams tough and the Cowboys are prone to the kind of toe-stubbing a loss to Cleveland would represent. And Philadelphia was 5-1 in the division last year and does seem to throttle the Redskins. I just feel (as our panel of experts seems to feel) that the Redskins are in a better place right now, plus at home, coming off the bye with a quarterback who's actually more experienced.

So we'll see. Maybe Eric Allen's on to something. Either way, Redskins-Eagles matters. Since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule, no 3-7 team has recovered to make the playoffs, while seven 4-6 teams have. So the winner of Redskins-Eagles retains a sliver of a chance, while the loser would have to make history.