Breakfast links: A day about football

Actually, this is pretty much my favorite day of the year, and for reasons that have nothing to do with football. I've got a pretty excellent life, and an incredible family, and ever since I was a kid I always enjoyed the idea of a day set aside to appreciate those things. Now that I have a wife and two boys of my own, it's even more special. I hope each and every one of you gets to take a moment today to smile about whatever it is you love about your life, and to give thanks for it. I can promise you that's how I'll be spending my day. Well, that and cooking. And watching football.

Scaled-down links today. You'll all have more than enough to fill you up later on.

New York Giants

The Green Bay Packer who has the Giants worried as they prepare for Sunday night's game is not superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers, or wide receivers Greg Jennings (he's hurt anyway) and Jordy Nelson, or even linebacker Clay Matthews. It's Randall Cobb, who's emerged as the Packers' do-it-all menace this year, that the Giants believe they need to stop.

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant hasn't wanted to talk about his complicated off-field life this season, but that all changed Wednesday, when for some reason he decided to open up to reporters about his relationship with his mother, his kids and everything that goes on when he's away from the field. Jeez, I mean, if Bryant's in a good place off the field as well as on it, the Cowboys have to be flat-out fired up about what he can do, no?

Washington Redskins

In his first game after missing five straight with a foot injury, Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon was a bit of a non-factor Sunday against the Eagles. And it's reasonable to think the main reason the Redskins have him out there is to make opposing defenses think a little, maybe to draw some attention away from the receivers whose feet don't hurt. But offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan thinks Garcon is capable of contributing more to the offense than he did Sunday, so we'll see. Both Garcon and linebacker London Fletcher, who's got a 234-game consecutive-games streak on the line, are listed as questionable for today's game against the Cowboys in Dallas.

Philadelphia Eagles

Quarterback Michael Vick and running back LeSean McCoy are still dealing with concussion problems, and it looks as though Nick Foles is likely to make his second start at quarterback and Bryce Brown his first at running back for the Eagles on Monday night against Carolina. Nothing certain yet -- remember, the Eagles have an extra day to make these decisions. But that's the way things appear as of now.