Fantasy Fix: Where have the Eagles gone?

Because we all spend way too much time each week working on our fantasy football teams, we do one post a week here at the NFC East blog that focuses exclusively on fantasy football. We normally do this post on Fridays, but with two of our division's teams playing Thursday this week, we're moving it up a day. Here's a look at where our division's key players fall in ESPN.com's weekly fantasy rankings. Click on the name of the position for full rankings.


T3. Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins at Dallas (Thurs.)

9. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys vs. Redskins (Thurs.)

15. Eli Manning, New York Giants vs. Packers

Man, Manning's in some slump, huh? No touchdown passes in the past month, and they don't even have him as a starter anymore in 12-team leagues. I'd still buy low if my trade deadline hadn't passed already. But yeah, this week, with the byes over and very few signs of life from the Giants' offense lately, he's about where he ought to be. I like Romo to do good things against this Redskins secondary, though. And no, the Eagles don't have a guy listed among the top 25. Maybe that's because we don't know for sure who'll start for them, but it looks like Nick Foles, and he was no fantasy bargain last week.


12. Alfred Morris, Redskins at Dallas (Thurs.)

18. Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants vs. Packers

28. Bryce Brown, Philadelphia Eagles vs. Panthers (Mon.)

29. Felix Jones, Cowboys vs. Redskins (Thurs.)

T37. Andre Brown, Giants vs. Packers

41. Lance Dunbar, Cowboys vs. Redskins (Thurs.)

What a mess. LeSean McCoy has a concussion, so Bryce Brown looks likely to start for the Eagles. Jones might not play today, which would make Dunbar the Cowboys' starter but not necessarily a worthwhile fantasy play if you have other bench options ready to go Sunday or Monday. Did you know Andre Brown had the most rushing touchdowns in the NFC East so far this year? It's true, and Bradshaw didn't practice Wednesday. Andre might be the safest NFC East running back to play in fantasy right now other than Morris. Though I do kind of like Bryce if he gets the start for the Eagles. Mainly because I remember what Andre did earlier in the year when he got a start against Carolina. Just sayin'.


T6. Dez Bryant, Cowboys vs. Redskins (Thurs.)

T8. Victor Cruz, Giants vs. Packers

13. Miles Austin, Cowboys vs. Redskins (Thurs.)

T21. Hakeem Nicks, Giants vs. Packers

40. DeSean Jackson, Eagles vs. Panthers (Mon.)

42. Jeremy Maclin, Eagles vs. Panthers (Mon.)

48. Santana Moss, Redskins at Dallas (Thurs.)

Aw, man, Dez, don't screw it up now. You're top-six! Those who have Dez have fingers tightly crossed. ... Still think Nicks is a breakout candidate every week, and the Eagles' guys are obviously hurt by the whole Foles deal. Pierre Garcon for the Redskins might crack the list if we were sure he was going to play, but we're not, and even if he does, how much can you expect?


2. Jason Witten, Cowboys vs. Redskins (Thurs.)

15. Martellus Bennett, Giants vs. Packers

20. Brent Celek, Eagles vs. Panthers (Mon.)

21. Logan Paulsen, Redskins at Dallas (Thurs.)

Yeah, I mean, if you were desperate you'd look at Bennett. Like, if you had Rob Gronkowski and needed a replacement, I could see Bennett being a good one. But Witten's the only tight end I'd feel real good about starting in this division right now on a fantasy team.


1. Lawrence Tynes, Giants vs. Packers

14. Dan Bailey, Cowboys vs. Redskins (Thurs.)

T17. Kai Forbath, Redskins at Dallas (Thurs.)

Again, no love for the Eagles, whose kicker is actually like one of their two or three best players this year. They just don't score enough to have a top-20 fantasy kicker, I guess. Tynes has been the best fantasy kicker in the league this year, though Giants fans wish he'd stop getting so many field-goal chances and would get more extra-point chances. Bailey was NFC Special Teams Player of the Week. But it's unlikely your league awards points for that.


16. Giants vs. Packers

19. Cowboys vs. Redskins (Thurs.)

21. Redskins at Dallas (Thurs.)

T27. Eagles vs. Panthers (Mon.)

Yeah, no, this isn't the division where you find your fantasy defense. Best defense we have is the Cowboys, and they don't get enough turnovers to be a good fantasy defense. Look elsewhere.