Breakfast links: Redskins move into second

In which our division's uninspiring standings get a little bit of a tweak right there in the middle...

New York Giants (6-4)

The Giants spent part of their bye week working out free-agent running backs, and Ahmad Bradshaw has yet to practice this week since the Giants returned from the bye. They're saying he may practice today, but look -- if there were nothing wrong with Bradshaw, he'd be practicing. So obviously there's something wrong with Bradshaw that the bye week didn't fix. And yes, I am fully aware he did this same thing last year, where he barely practiced and saved himself for games, but the Giants' run game needs clarity right now, and Bradshaw's situation isn't offering any.

Justin Tuck was having trouble picking a side in the Thanksgiving Day game between his division rivals from Washington and Dallas, so he said he'd just root for a tie. He actually had a chance late, but it didn't work out for him. Anyway, it bears remembering that the Giants only have to worry about the Cowboys and Redskins if they keep losing games themselves.

Washington Redskins (5-6)

Mike Shanahan said Robert Griffin III was "kind of like Cool Hand Luke," in reference to a movie released in 1967. Griffin, who was born in 1990, did not have any idea what in the world his 60-year-old head coach was talking about. If you were old enough to see Cool Hand Luke in the theater when it was released, then you were 40 when Griffin was born. Anyway, I thought that was funny, and the underlying point is that Griffin's a stud.

One of the effects of Griffin's week-to-week brilliance, Jason Reid writes, is that he's rebuilding the reputation of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, who hasn't always been a fan favorite in Washington but is managing the rookie quarterback quite well.

Dallas Cowboys (5-6)

Calvin Watkins doesn't think Jason Garrett needs to be fired. He does think he needs to make some major changes to the way things are operating, from sitting Felix Jones on the bench to making a different decision when he wins the coin toss.

Couple of bad injuries in the game on top of the loss to the Redskins, too. Orlando Scandrick might have to miss significant time with a broken hand. Jason Hatcher has a concussion. Miles Austin injured his hip and will visit his friendly neighborhood MRI tube today. And linebacker Bruce Carter, who's been such a brilliant replacement for the injured Sean Lee, hurt his elbow.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-7)

Looks as though Paul Domowitch came away from that Oregon-Stanford game last week impressed with the coaching. He thinks the Eagles should hire one of the two guys who coached in that game.

I remember when the Eagles got David Sims to play safety and people were like, "Who's David Sims?" and I was like, "I don't know. Some safety?" Well, Reuben Frank has the story of David Sims, who apparently used to be a garbage man and is digging life in the NFL.