Breakfast links: Bennett's superhero act

Successive night games pushed the top and bottom teams in our division farther from the middle, and the updated standings reflect that. Welcome to your weekly day of Power Rankings, knee-jerk reactions and all of those other goodies that make Tuesday on the NFL blogs so special. Let's get it started with some links, shall we?

New York Giants (7-4)

If you haven't yet, you absolutely must read Martellus Bennett's account of catching a fan who fell out of the stands at the end of the Giants' game Sunday night. So many brilliant quotes, but I think my favorite is, "All superheroes catch people at some point in time. Otherwise they're not as super as they think they are." Indeed, Martellus. Indeed.

The Giants do not expect running back Andre Brown to return from his broken fibula at any point this year. But since this week is the last week teams can use the new "designated for return" injured reserve list, and the Giants didn't have anyone else for whom they were using it, they put Brown on that list, which technically means he could return for the Super Bowl if he healed in time and the Giants won the NFC Championship Game.

Washington Redskins (5-6)

What's the one very significant thing the Redskins' defense has done better over its last two games? Force turnovers. They forced three against the Eagles and three more against the Cowboys in two victories last week, and they'll hope to continue to make that part of their game Monday night against the Giants.

It is five years to the day since the death of Sean Taylor. And as Mike Wise writes, one of the things that still hurts is the persistent lack of answers as to why.

Dallas Cowboys (5-6)

Sean Lee was the defensive signal-caller for the Cowboys, and Bruce Carter took over those responsibilities once Lee went down with a foot injury. But with both of those inside linebackers now out for the season, it's outside linebacker Anthony Spencer who will assume the role of defensive captain on the field.

Jean-Jacques Taylor thinks Jerry Jones is doing Jason Garrett no favors by insisting that his head coach always also take on a coordinator's role. Taylor thinks Garrett would do well to be relieved of offensive playcalling responsibilities and focus on his job as a head coach. But as Jones has said many times, he likes things the way they are and isn't likely to change them.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-8)

The Eagles may have lost a couple of key players in addition to a game Monday night. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson and rookie defensive tackle Fletcher Cox are headed for further testing on their injuries Tuesday, and obviously until we know more you have to consider their status for Sunday in Dallas up in the air.

While it still feels unlikely that the Eagles would fire Andy Reid during the season, there have already been a couple of firings in Philadelphia in the past week or so, and Jeff McLane thinks it wouldn't be crazy to cut the cord with Reid right now.