Breakfast links: Miles Austin good to go

New York Giants

Rookie David Wilson says the biggest difference this week is that he knows he's going to get an opportunity, whereas in prior weeks he was merely hoping for one. With Andre Brown out, Wilson is the No. 2 running back on the Giants' depth chart behind the banged-up Ahmad Bradshaw, and he'll get some reps.

The knee injury that knocked Kenny Phillips out of Sunday's game -- the same knee that had cost him the previous six games -- is not serious enough to keep him from playing against the Redskins on Monday night. So says Phillips, at least.

Washington Redskins

Left tackle Trent Williams played hurt on Thanksgiving, and he's still dealing with a thigh injury he hopes isn't serious enough to keep him out of Monday night's game against the Giants. Williams is having a great year and is essential to the Redskins' chances of keeping the Giants' pass rush off of Robert Griffin III.

Fred Davis is out for the year, and Chris Cooley has been a non-factor since re-signing, but the Redskins are still getting production out of the tight-end position.

Dallas Cowboys

Ed Werder reports that Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin, who left the Thanksgiving Day game with a hip injury, will be ready to play Sunday night against the Eagles. Austin has been able to stay healthy since the start of the regular season, which is something of a bonus for the Cowboys since they're used to having to deal with Austin injuries most years.

Remember Kevin Ogletree's big Week 1 performance against the Giants in New Jersey? Yeah, well, he'll always have that. He's been passed on the depth chart by Dwayne Harris and Cole Beasley, and the snap counts from Thanksgiving show no need to go back to Ogletree at this point.

Philadelphia Eagles

John Gonzalez wonders why no one seems to have any sympathy for Andy Reid in Philadelphia, considering that he's obviously enduring a tough time and has done a great deal for the Eagles organization. It's a worthwhile point to ponder amid the inevitably of the end of Reid's time with the team.

And Bob Ford thinks the cutting of Jason Babin was just more scapegoating and that Babin shouldn't be the only one to get kicked off the team. Bob has a point, but there are few positions at which the Eagles are deep enough, as they are at defensive end, to allow for such a move this soon.