What's the Playoff Machine say now?

Oh, you want to know about tiebreaker scenarios and what happens if the New York Giants lose the next two and the Washington Redskins beat Baltimore, or what the Dallas Cowboys need to do to sneak into that wild-card picture?

You see that the Giants have a 2-3 division record and the Redskins a 3-1 mark, and you dream about what it means. You have questions, you NFC East fans. With four weeks left in the season, three of our division's teams remain in the hunt, and rather than focus on work you'd like to know what their chances are.

That's why we have the Playoff Machine.

Go. Procrastinate. Play around with the results of games over the next four weeks. Send the Seahawks and Bears into tailspins and see if you can get two NFC East teams in. Figure out exactly what it would take for the Giants to collapse and finish third, or to clinch it all in two weeks. Whatever floats your NFL-crazed boat. It's that time of year.