Breakfast links: Do Giants have to win out?

And a good morning to you all, and thanks for joining us here on the NFC East blog. It is Wednesday, which means All-Division Team, fresh injury reports and a general resetting of our attention toward the week ahead. We start, as ever, with the links.

New York Giants

No pressure or anything, and he's not asking for much, but Tom Coughlin is of the belief that the Giants must win all four of their remaining games if they're to win the NFC East. And he may be right, though of course it depends on what the Redskins and Cowboys, who are still chasing the Giants, do in their remaining games. If one of those teams goes 4-0, then, yeah, Coughlin's right. You can see for yourself with the Playoff Machine. I love plugging the Playoff Machine.

Antrel Rolle said on the radio that he thinks the Giants were a little too complimentary of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III in advance of their game Monday night, and that they have to have more of a "nasty attitude." Which is fine, and would be more than fair coming from someone who had not said the things Rolle said in this video over the weekend. Just sayin.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins believe they were able to confuse the Giants because of the success of their run game (which is No. 1 in the league through 13 weeks) and the "pistol" formation they've used with so much success in Griffin's rookie season. Their execution has been good, of course, but a key part of the success they have on offense is the speed with which Griffin can get to the outside to throw.

The photo of DeAngelo Hall on crutches that Chad Dukes sent out on Twitter on Tuesday worried many Redskins fans, especially in light of the news that fellow cornerback Cedric Griffin had been suspended for the final four games of the regular season. But Hall says his ankle shouldn't keep him from playing against the Ravens on Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys

DeMarco Murray feared the foot injury he suffered in Week 5 might end his season. It did not, and he returned with great success Sunday night, showing once again that the Cowboys' offense functions considerably better when he's the one running the ball out of the backfield.

A bizarre season it must be if Cowboys fans are rooting for the Redskins. But Jerry Jones says he was doing just that as he watched "Monday Night Football."

Philadelphia Eagles

Marcus Hayes writes that the departure of defensive line coach Jim Washburn will benefit defensive end Trent Cole most of all. Cole is having a very disappointing season, but Marcus believes he'll do much better without Washburn's "Wide 9" defensive alignment.

A number of theories have developed in Philadelphia in recent days centered around the idea that Andy Reid could actually return in 2013 as coach. I don't think any of them hold water, and neither does Sheil Kapadia, who takes each of them apart one by one. Ultimately, only Jeffrey Lurie knows, but a Reid return would be completely shocking at this point.