Breakfast links: To play or not to play RG III

New York Giants

You might have noticed that the New England Patriots are the No. 1 team in our Power Rankings this week. Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora watched them play Monday night and agrees that they look like the best team right now. But Umenyiora and the Giants say they know this: If the Giants play their best, there's nobody better than they are.

David Wilson's week is going so well, he's featured on Time magazine's website... for his back flips.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins are on a four-game winning streak and focused on one thing that didn't seem possible four weeks ago -- making the playoffs.

Of course, a lot of this depends on the health of Robert Griffin III, who injured his knee Sunday and may not be able to play in this week's game in Cleveland. Mike Wise thinks Redskins coach Mike Shanahan needs to keep the big picture in mind and rest Griffin this week, no matter how badly he wants to play. Tough call. My thing on this is, if Griffin's healthy enough to play and if the lingering effects of the current injury don't put him at risk for a more serious injury, there's no good reason not to play him. If either of those first two conditions aren't met, I'm with Wise. Ways to go on this, I think.

Dallas Cowboys

Latest on Dez Bryant: Sources are telling ESPNDallas.com that he wants to play in spite of a broken finger. Jerry Jones said Tuesday that Bryant would get to make the call. So if you take Jones' words literally, you figure that's that and he'll play. My thing is, I don't take everything Jones says on his weekly radio shows literally, and there's no way the Cowboys are just sending Bryant off to his room to think it over and awaiting his decision. Surely, Bryant will have the help of team and medical personnel in deciding what's best for him and the team in the short term and the long term.

The family of Jerry Brown asked for Josh Brent to sit with them at Brown's memorial service, and it's nice to see them reaching out. They're all hurting for the same reason, and the compassion the Brown family is showing Brent is likely doing him some good as he prepares to face criminal charges of intoxication manslaughter, the end of his football career and a prison term as a result of the stupid decision he made to drink and drive last weekend.

Philadelphia Eagles

Rich Hofmann looks at the way in which the Nick Foles situation will affect the team's search for a new head coach. Interesting topic, as whoever the new coach is likely will want to have at least some say in the starting quarterback decision, and the way Foles finishes the season will affect the way incoming coaches might perceive him.

You know who's not going to miss Jim Washburn's Wide-9 defensive alignment? The Eagles' linebackers, whose responsibilities in that scheme were immense and, too often over the past two seasons, too much for them to handle.