Breakfast links: RG III on race

New York Giants

Justin Tuck, who is apparently something of a Nervous Nellie, would like David Wilson to stop doing backflips after he scores touchdowns. Eli Manning, who's more of a bottom-line kind of guy, likes the backflips because it means there's been a touchdown. Maybe we'll do a poll on this. Are you pro-backflip or anti-backflip?

Paul Schwartz thinks the Giants need their Super Bowl-quality pass rush to return if they want to get back to the Super Bowl or, heck, even the playoffs. I think Paul is right, and I may just have some more thoughts on this later today if you want to hang out and see.

Washington Redskins

I know everybody wants to hear what Robert Griffin III has to say about his injured knee, but there's a lot about this guy that's very interesting, and apparently after practice Wednesday he did some talking about race, what it means to him to be an African-American quarterback and what he understands about its meaning to the particular community in which his team plays. Dave Sheinin has the synopsis. There's a great deal of depth to this young man, and he's going to be fascinating to follow for more than just what he can do on the field.

As for that knee, Griffin felt encouraged after he was able to practice on a limited basis Wednesday, and we continue to await word on whether he'll start Sunday. Linebacker London Fletcher did not practice Wednesday, as that ankle continues to bug him. But it's Fletcher. Got to believe he'll play Sunday whether he practices all week or not.

Dallas Cowboys

Some of the veteran leaders in the Cowboys' locker room hope that the players on the team can learn something from the accident that took the life of teammate Jerry Brown and landed teammate Josh Brent in jail for intoxication manslaughter.

If Dez Bryant has to miss time because of his broken finger, the receiver most likely to pick up his snaps is Dwayne Harris, who's already been working toward a larger role in the offense anyway.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles placed defensive tackle Mike Patterson on the non-football injury/illness list due to viral pneumonia. This infuriated Patterson's agent because that designation apparently gives the Eagles the right to withhold $150,000 of Patterson's salary. So the agent is fighting for his client, which is what he should do, on the grounds that Patterson got sick as a result of football-related activities. I have no idea what the truth is (because you never really do when dealing with teams or agents), but my guess is there'll be some sort of settlement.

In nearly unrelated news, the Eagles have a game tonight against the Cincinnati Bengals. Last year, their December Thursday night game against the Seahawks was maybe their worst game of the season. This year, Andy Reid has changed up the way the team prepared on the short week. Not having to fly to Seattle may actually be the most significant change.