Fantasy fix: Bounce back for Bryce?

Because we all spend way too much time each week on our fantasy teams, here at the NFC East blog we like to take one post a week and focus it on fantasy football. This week, with the Eagles playing on Thursday night, we're doing it a day early. Here's a look at where our division's players fall in this week's rankings by ESPN.com's fantasy football experts. Click on the name of the position for the full rankings.


3. Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins at Cleveland

10. Eli Manning, New York Giants at Atlanta

13. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys vs. Steelers

T24. Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles vs. Bengals (Thurs.)

That's assuming Griffin plays, of course. If he doesn't, you can't just jam Kirk Cousins in there at No. 3. He doesn't give you the rushing yards.


8. Alfred Morris, Redskins at Cleveland

13. Bryce Brown, Eagles vs. Bengals (Thurs.)

T17. DeMarco Murray, Cowboys vs. Steelers

20. Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants at Atlanta

29. David Wilson, Giants at Atlanta

This with the Giants' backs assumes Bradshaw plays but that he and Wilson share the load. If Bradshaw's knee keeps him from playing, I have to believe Wilson shoots up a lot higher than 20. ... And I wouldn't fear Brown this week just because of last week. That was an Eagles game-plan thing, choosing to pass instead of run against a Tampa Bay defense that's the worst in the league against the pass. Cincinnati's tough, but Brown should bounce back to a certain extent.


9. Victor Cruz, Giants at Atlanta

T17. Dez Bryant, Cowboys vs. Steelers

T17. Pierre Garcon, Redskins at Cleveland

T19. Hakeem Nicks, Giants at Atlanta

21. Miles Austin, Cowboys vs. Steelers

33. Jeremy Maclin, Eagles vs. Bengals (Thurs.)

50. Jason Avant, Eagles vs. Bengals (Thurs.)

So many question marks. Can or will Bryant play with a broken finger? Would Garcon's ranking be higher if we knew Griffin were playing? Would Austin's be higher (or lower) if Bryant were out? Is Nicks healthy at all? Lot of ways these rankings could change between now and Sunday.


4. Jason Witten, Cowboys vs. Steelers

9. Martellus Bennett, Giants at Atlanta

24. Clay Harbor, Eagles vs. Bengals (Thurs.)

Right, you say to yourself. Brent Celek's out for the Eagles with a concussion. Almost no offensive starters left on the Eagles at this point.


1. Lawrence Tynes, Giants at Atlanta

T11. Dan Bailey, Cowboys vs. Steelers

T11. Kai Forbath, Redskins at Cleveland

T14. Alex Henery, Eagles vs. Bengals (Thurs.)


T17. Cowboys vs. Steelers

20. Giants at Atlanta

T25. Redskins at Cleveland

31. Eagles vs. Bengals (Thurs.)

Wow. The truth hurts, huh? No one even in the top half of the league.