Thursday Robert Griffin III injury update

The reports from Washington Redskins practice on Thursday indicated that quarterback Robert Griffin III was moving around better on his injured knee. But you shouldn't expect to know until Sunday morning whether Griffin will start for the Redskins against the Browns in Cleveland or whether backup Kirk Cousins will have to win them this critical Week 15 game. Per Adam Schefter, the Redskins will not make that announcement until game day:

Griffin's status for Sunday could alter offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's game plan. If the less-mobile Cousins plays -- or even if Griffin plays on a knee that's less than 100 percent -- then the Redskins would be expected to rely less on the zone-read option that Griffin runs so well.

"Just the threat of it does help," Kyle Shanahan said. "Hopefully he's healthy enough to play, then you're healthy enough to have the threat of the speed option, also."

Kyle Shanahan said he's yet to see Griffin at full speed this week.

"I think Robert's going to be able to show that he can move well," Kyle Shanahan said. "It's more: Is his knee stable enough, and can he protect himself in there, and is there a risk of further injury?"

So, lots to work out still before a decision can be made, and it sounds as though the Redskins plan to use all the time they have to gather as much information as possible before making that decision. They also don't mind the idea that making the Browns wonder might give them even the slightest of advantages come game time Sunday.

I'm not sure whether you should be more optimistic, less optimistic or just as optimistic about this today as you were Wednesday. Your choice. Just here to let you know you won't know for sure for a few more days. Sorry.