Power Rankings: An NFC East overhaul

The NFC East has two teams in the top 10 in this week's Power Rankings... and neither of them is the defending Super Bowl champion Giants. Here's a look at the way our teams fared in the most recent poll.

8. Washington Redskins (Last week: 12). Well, this is new. How many of you figured before the season that the Redskins would rank ahead of the Giants, Ravens, Bears, Steelers and Saints in any Power Rankings poll this year? And yet there they are, ahead of all those teams and 19 others. The Redskins have won five in a row and look as though they could enter the playoffs as a hot team with a quarterback no one wants to face. Heck, they just won on the road with their backup. I have them 8th, up two spots from last week, and Mike Sando and Jamison Hensley put them 8th as well. Ashley Fox has them 11th and John Clayton put them 12th.

10. Dallas Cowboys (13). Also surging into the top 10 are the Cowboys, who just won two straight against a pair of AFC North teams that went 6-0 against the rest of the division this year. Dallas has won five of six overall, and it appears likely they'll get a chance at the division title in Week 17 in Washington. They haven't ranked this high since Week 2, when they were No. 10 after beating the Giants in their season opener. I have them at 10, up three spots from where I had them last week. Mike and Jamison each ranked them No. 9. Ashley has them at 12 and John has them at 13.

12. New York Giants (7). Biggest drop in the poll, and why not after a 34-0 shellacking at the hands of the Falcons in Atlanta? No one knows what to do with the Giants, who have lost four out of six to give away their division lead. We keep expecting them to stabilize, but they refuse. They could finish relatively far from this spot in either direction at this point and it wouldn't be a surprise. I have them at No. 11, and it's the first time I've dropped them out of the top 10 all year. Ashley put them 9th, Clayton 14th.

29. Philadelphia Eagles (27). Their ugly loss to the Bengals was five days ago, so the memory is fading, but we remember enough to know the Eagles are among the league's very worst teams. I don't see how they could get to 32 from there, but I guess anything's possible. I put them 29 and so did Clayton and Jamison. Sando has them 28, Ashley 30. Doesn't make a lot of difference. You don't usually hear too much complaining about this portion of the rankings.

So what do you guys think?