Will RG III miss more games?

After watching injured Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III work out on the field Sunday in Cleveland before a game in which he'd already been told he wouldn't play, I came away thinking his absence would only be for that one game. After the game, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said team doctors had decided not to clear Griffin to play, and that he would not play until such time as those doctors determined his injured knee was ready. Griffin said he'd been upset by the decision an felt as though he could play. And the way he was moving around in that workout appeared to back him up.


Ed Werder said on SportsCenter this morning (above) that he'd spoken with "a prominent orthopedic surgeon; not one on the Redskins' payroll" who said that Griffin's injury -- a sprained lateral collateral ligament -- was "typically a three-week injury at minimum." In talking to people with the Redskins, Ed says, he's told that Griffin's movement has improved and that the Redskins "have reason to hope" he can play Sunday against the Eagles in Philadelphia. But it appears as though this could drag on through this week, as it did last week, before we know anything for sure.

After what Kirk Cousins showed Sunday in Cleveland, it's no stretch to believe the Redskins could beat the Eagles without Griffin. But with injuries on the offensive line now and two games left to decide their playoff chances, the Redskins would obviously prefer to have their stud franchise quarterback on the field.