Breakfast links: Cowboys' line shaping up?

Washington Redskins

Mark Maske is trying to answer the question of what the Redskins could get for backup quarterback Kirk Cousins if they tried to trade him this offseason. Now, of course that could depend on what, if anything, Cousins does over the rest of this season. And I think dealing a backup quarterback you like and who knows your offense creates a new hole that has to be filled. But everything has a price, and if you can get a 2013 second-round pick for a guy you picked in the fourth round in 2012, you have to look at that as pretty good value.

Some very interesting insight and detail in this Albert Breer notebook on the rapid and complex evolution of the Redskins' offense under Kyle Shanahan this year, and what it means for the way Shanahan is perceived as a rising head coach candidate. Also good stuff about the long-range plans for Robert Griffin III, who of course is not going to be expected to run the read option for the entirety of his career.

Dallas Cowboys

There are a number of combinations of Week 16 and 17 result that could land the Cowboys in the playoffs, but as much as fans like to get caught up in thinking about them, it's important to Jason Garrett that his players do not.

One of the Cowboys' biggest problems this year has been the offensive line, but that unit has shown improvement over the past few weeks, and Garrett thinks the right tackle rotation between Doug Free and Jermey Parnell has been a big part of the reason why.

New York Giants

Victor Cruz paid a visit to the family of Jack Pinto, one of the 20 first-graders killed in last week's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Again, it's hard to imagine anything could make those parents stop hurting now or ever again. But if Cruz brought even a flicker of a smile to the face of anyone in little Jack's family for even a second, it made his good-hearted effort more than worth it. It's nice when you see these guys realize how much difference a little bit of their time or attention might make in someone's life. Cruz is a guy who gets it.

On Monday, running back Ahmad Bradshaw said he was expecting to return to play Sunday in Baltimore. On Tuesday, it was safety Kenny Phillips' turn to make the same claim. We talk all the time about how these guys aren't the ones who get to make those calls, but it's time for the Giants to be all-in here, and if these guys can hobble out there and play, it's probably a good idea to let them do it.

Philadelphia Eagles

Reuben Frank writes that the Eagles have yet to open contract discussions with any of their prospective free agents, which obviously indicates that everything's in a holding pattern in Philly until they sort out who's going to be in charge.

Michael Vick doesn't know what the short-term future or the long-term future holds for him in Philadelphia, but he believes he can still play and can still help somebody. So if the Eagles send him away at the end of this season, you can expect him to be out there looking hard for a job in the offseason.