Blogger Blitz: Carrying title hopes

The Dallas Cowboys' offense has been more in sync over the past three games, since DeMarco Murray returned from a foot injury. The New York Giants' offense has been inconsistent all season, while Ahmad Bradshaw has struggled to stay on the field. The Washington Redskins' offense has more rush yards than any team in the league, largely because of the success of rookie running back Alfred Morris. While quarterbacks tend to get all of the attention, the running games of the three teams currently tied for first place in the NFC East with two weeks to go could be as important to determining the outcome of the race as anything.

This is the topic of my Blogger Blitz video this week. With two weeks left in the season, it's vital to the Cowboys' hopes that Murray can stay on the field, critical to the Giants' hopes that Bradshaw can get back on the field, and important to the Redskins' hopes that Morris stays tough and patient, especially if teams continue to key on him with quarterback Robert Griffin III either out or playing hurt.