How you feeling? Giants-Ravens

As the New York Giants prepare to face the Ravens in a 4:25 p.m. game in Baltimore, here's one reason for Giants fans to feel good about the game and one reason for concern.

Feeling good: This is the exact spot at which the Giants turned it on last year, when they were 7-7 and beat the Jets to begin their run to and through the playoffs and Super Bowl. They're 8-6 now, and they can still reach the playoffs by winning their final two games of the season. So there's plenty of good, positive memory to remind them that they are capable of accomplishing the task in front of them. As bad as Eli Manning looked last week in Atlanta, there's no quarterback in the league with a shorter memory. A big game from Manning and the maligned Giants pass rush would not surprise anyone.

Cause for concern: It's Week 16, which means counting on stuff that happened a year ago isn't quite as encouraging a means of confidence building as it might have been earlier in the season. The Giants have had some great games, against very tough opponents, this season. But too often, whether it's week to week or even on third-and-short within a certain game, they haven't shown that same ability they showed last year to dig down deep and come up with that little extra to they need to make the big play or win the big game. No shame in that. Some years are like that and some aren't. But to this point, and in spite of the fact that their record is better, the 2012 Giants have not looked like the 2011 Giants. And time is running out for them to do so.