Should Redskins have more Pro Bowlers?

Man, you know things have turned around for the Washington Redskins when they put three players in the Pro Bowl and everybody's talking about the Redskins players who should have made it and didn't. Quarterback Robert Griffin III, left tackle Trent Williams and linebacker/special teamer Lorenzo Alexander will represent the Redskins in Hawaii. But in this SportsCenter video, Adam Schefter lists three other Redskins as Pro Bowl "snubs." They are:

  • Running back Alfred Morris, who has 267 more rushing yards and three more touchdowns than San Francisco's Frank Gore, and has a strong case.

  • Center Will Montgomery, who would have been a better choice than Green Bay's Jeff Saturday, who just got benched last week.

  • Linebacker London Fletcher, who ranks, as usual, in the top 10 in the league in tackles and has five interceptions this season.

I can see the argument for each of the first two. But while anyone who reads this blog regularly knows how much respect I have for Fletcher and everything he brings to the Redskins' defense, I don't think his omission is a true "snub." The five interceptions jump out, to be sure, and Fletcher's the kind of guy who could make it on reputation every year and feel justified about it. But he's not having the same kind of flying-around, dominating defensive season he's had in recent years. He's struggled with injuries, most significantly to his ankle, and for much of the season he appeared to be limited physically. While he's certainly come on strong lately as the Redskins have made their big run, I don't see how he makes a case to be included over either of the 49ers inside linebackers, Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman, who got the spots.

In fact, having watched every Redskins game this season at least once, I think Fletcher's teammate and protege, Perry Riley, has been the higher-impact guy. He's not mentioned as a snub because he doesn't have Fletcher's well-earned reputation as a leader, an ironman and an on-field thumper, but Riley is exceeding his mentor in a lot of ways this season, to Fletcher's delight.

Anyway, as I said, these must be fun times to be a Redskins fan if you're chief complaint is an insufficient amount of Pro Bowl recognition.