Report: T.O. gets serious with Tony

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

We've spent the early portion of the 2008 season reading about Terrell Owens the consummate teammate. In fact, he was praised more for his hustle than his receptions following the Cowboys' recent win over the Packers. As one Dallas-Fort Worth talk show host put it, "T.O.'s turned into our own little Rudy."

On Sunday, though, T.O. felt underutilized following a 26-24 loss to the Redskins. Never mind the fact that 19 of the Cowboys' 58 offensive plays went his direction. He's apparently aiming for 50 percent of the plays, which might encourage him to complete most of his routes.

Now, we receive the shocking news that T.O. had a "serious conversation" with quarterback Tony Romo immediately following Sunday's game. According to Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News, T.O. was "venting" his frustration to Romo, in part, over the types of routes he's being asked to run.

For those of us who cover the team on a semi-regular basis, this is a confusing development. Unless there have been sweeping changes at Valley Ranch (in the past 20 minutes), Romo's not responsible for designing routes. According to head coach Wade Phillips, Romo's primary focus right now is checking out of running plays.

When multiple sources confirm that Romo and T.O. had a serious conversation, what exactly does that mean? Did they each have stern looks on their faces while T.O. went over his favorite route tree?

In reading between the lines, it seems that T.O. was frustrated with his quarterback. And that would barely be worth mentioning if the receiver didn't have so much quarterback baggage.

I watched the "Monday Night Football Countdown" crew talk about the T.O. situation for several minutes last night and Tom Jackson's convinced this thing's headed for trouble. He and Mike Ditka agreed that owner Jerry Jones needs to have a (wait for it) serious conversation with T.O. before things get out of hand.

With the woeful Bengals headed to town, I think this controversy will blow over. Heaven forbid that Tony and T.O. might have to have another postgame conversation.