Fox: Luck over RG III for Rookie of Year

This NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year debate is as good as it gets, and there's not one single bad choice among the three rookie quarterbacks in the running. The Washington Redskins' Robert Griffin III got out of the gate the quickest, but it's just as hard to see the case against the Colts' Andrew Luck and the Seahawks' Russell Wilson as it is to see the case against RG III. You have to vote for one, but it's almost impossible to vote against the other two.

In her Friday column for ESPN.com, Ashley Fox picks Luck, mainly because "no team has asked more of its rookie quarterback."

In 15 games, he set the rookie record with 4,183 passing yards. He set the single-game rookie record with 433 passing yards against Miami in Week 9. He set the rookie record for attempts (599) and is within 29 of Sam Bradford's rookie record for completions. Luck's six 300-yard passing games are two better than Peyton Manning's previous rookie record of four, and his 10 wins are the most ever by a No. 1 overall pick, three better than Bradford's seven.

Plus, Luck has seven game-winning drives this season, and the Colts are in the playoffs.

Can't argue with it. Can't argue with RG III's case either, as a guy who's only thrown five interceptions (to Luck's 18) and whose rushing numbers bolster his case. Can't argue with Wilson's case, either, and after watching him do a dead-on Fran Tarkenton impression in beating the 49ers on Sunday night, I actually lean toward Wilson right now.

I know that's not going to make Redskins fans happy, but this is one of those cases where picking one guy doesn't mean anything negative about the other guy(s). Each of these three rookie quarterbacks is an outstanding pick for this award. I have no idea who will win it. I feel like Wilson should, and the tiebreaker I'm using is that, while each has elevated his team, Wilson has elevated his the highest (i.e., his is the best). But if you like RG III or Luck, I can't tell you you're wrong.

Ashley's column also includes NFC East-related notes on Tony Romo, Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin, and is as always worth the read even if you're upset with her about the Luck thing.